Joseph Mencel & Jake Nikolopoulos talk everything bodybuilding, balance, self belief, and backing yourself when making difficult decisions. As an IFBB Pro Bodybuilider, former NABBA Pro Bodybuilder, and NABBA Universe Champion, Jake has over 15 years' experience in competitive bodybuiliding and immense respect for the sport as both an athlete and a fan. He talks about his incredible journey in bodybuilding thus far, in particular his experiences with different high level coaches, while addressing the the role genetics play in bodybuilding and the importance of self awareness. Jake opens up about the effect bodybuilding has had on his personal relationships, both good and bad, and offers his words of wisdom on how to use the sport as a platform to get the most out of all areas of your life. He discusses his personal experiences with refusing to settle, and gives his advice on making difficult decisions, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, and how to instil self belief. This is an absolutely jam packed episode that you're going to want to listen to more than once - enjoy!

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