Joseph Mencel & Aaron Polites discuss dealing with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows all while embracing the journey along the way. Fresh off his Top 10 placing at the 2019 Mr Olympia, Aaron experienced one of the worst anti-climaxes of his life, spiralling into a state of super low motivation. He details what he did to pull himself out of the hole and get back on top of his mindset, in particular the small positive actions he implemented each and every day that compounded on top of each other week after week. Joseph & Aaron discuss why being present and embracing the journey, whether it be good or bad, is much more important than chasing destinations, and how to balance a long term, marathon mindset, with short term speed & execution. They then change gears and discuss the current state of the Pro Athlete circuit in the world of bodybuilding, and why it is becoming so much more difficult for Pro Athletes to attract good sponsors. They close out their conversation with a chat about balancing confidence with humility, and using different tools & techniques to keep yourself grounded regardless of the magnitude of your achievements. A broad ranging, entertaining & insightful conversation that is sure to hit home on a number of different levels. Enjoy!

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